Because we are an Employee Owned company, we have a strong and dedicated team that will always goes the extra mile for every guest because ultimately, that benefits us all. Plus, when the employees are owners, we get to set the rules. That means that our actions tend to be a reflection of the kind and generous nature of our employees. We’re proud of that. We’re so proud of all the efforts, big and small, that our employees make to impact our community for the good.

We are proud to have established Giving Committees throughout the company that allow us to partner with local charities that are particularly important to us. Throughout the year, we will have fundraisers and encourage employee participation to assist each of these charities in the hopes of raising money and awareness. We are proud to announce a few of our selected charity partners for 2018:  Save the Bay,  The Rhode Island Community Food Bank  and Little Rhody Rescue. We look forward to our year long partnership and hope we can make a difference to positively affect these great causes. We’re pretty sure we can because if we know anything about Employee Owners, we know that they can the job done.


Recently the team from Waterman Grille took some time out of their busy schedule to volunteer at the RI Community Food Bank on Niantic Ave in Providence. They were given a brief  brief tour of the facility and then quickly put to work. The Food Bank had an influx of produce from local farms that day and they needed help sorting the crates and pallets of carrots, apples and sweet potatoes. The team worked there way through all the donations boxing them up into smaller containers that would get st
acked and loaded for distribution in the community. This was local food being redistributed into our very own communities to those in need. It was a three hour shift of hard work, but the team filled their own plate with the joy of giving, helping and sharing and that made all the hard work worth it. The mission of the RI Food Bank is “To improve the quality of life for all Rhode Islanders by advancing solutions to the problem of hunger.”  On this day, our team was doing their part, plus they had a whole bunch of fun getting it done.
 For more information on the RI Community Food Bank, please go to their website to see their goals, learn more about the important services they provide to all of Rhode Island, and maybe even make a donation.