We are...

a collection of unique restaurants and experiences, guided by a group of employee-owners in the front and back of house, who bring it everyday.

When we asked what he loves about Newport Restaurant Group and being an employee-owner, Andy shared "the sense of teamwork and pride in everyone's work!”
Andy Stanne Bartender
My opinion matters. I am very lucky to have a support system that trusts my decision making. I love having support from my peers and being able to learn and grow. I also love having the freedom to make decisions within my business unit. It empowers me to keep being better!
Christine Coogan General Manager
I like working for NRG because of the management team, and the professionalism. Plus, all of the great perks being an employee-owned company.
Mizrrain Rojas Server
Ruth at Food Love Market
When we asked Ruth what she loves most about the Newport Restaurant Group and being an employee-owner she shared, "everyone is so easy to work with, it's like a big family."
Ruth Henderson Grocery Clerk
Tobey Sanborn
NRG is special because we don’t have company leadership making every decision. Most decision making still lives in the individual businesses that we own. Creative ideas and that spirit drives exciting offerings to our guests. We own the decisions, the results, and the pride.
Tobey Sanborn Director of Training