Picture of Waterman Grille's Chef Noah Metnick School of Fish Picture of Hemenway's Chef Max Peterson at School of Fish Picture of Chef Max and Christopher D'Elia at School of Fish Picture of Chefs Kevin Dilibero and Noah Metnick at School of Fish

Chefs Noah Metnick from Waterman Grille and Max Peterson from Hemenway’s were recently selected to conduct a class for Eating with the Ecoystem at the Hope & Main demonstration kitchen in Warren, RI. The instructional nights are intended to show interested home cooks how to cook up some delicious meals using local sustainable fish in the comfort of their own home. Chef Max opted to serve Winter Skate, a local and abundant favorite, while Chef Noah worked with one of his personal faves, Yellowtail Flounder. Each prepared multiple courses like Yellowtail Flounder in Mussel Broth and Winter Skate Milanese as students watched in hungered anticipation. Naturally there were lots of sampling throughout the night and there may have even been some wine served to toast the evening. It was an honor to have the chefs bring their talents to this event and we are glad they could be part of this important community.

Want to see more? Watch Avvio’s Chef Greg Coccio take his spot at the head of the class for his School of Fish demo on Monday, April 16th.  You can purchase tickets here.