Chef Greg and his culinary team at Avvio are excited to announce that they are now making their pasta fresh thanks to a new pasta making program.  Early results are showing some delicious results too. If you call yourself a pasta fan and you haven’t had your pasta freshly made, you are missing out! Look for our Rigatoni, Gemelli, Linguine, Spaghetti, Fusilli and Cavatelli for fresh options although Chef’s goal is to have all fresh made pasta soon.

Prior to rolling out the program, Chef Greg and Chef Kevin discussed what would be needed in order to make the program a tasty success.  To begin with, the culinary team would have to have an understanding of the machine and of the ingredients used to make the pasta. Luckily, we have used a similar pasta machine at our Trio restaurant in Narragansett and at the Papa Razzi restaurants. That gave us a good understanding on how we could make the process work at Avvio. According to Chef Kevin, “There is a big difference in flavor with fresh pasta and in the way fresh pasta eats. You can taste more of the ingredients of the flour and egg when it is made fresh.  Also, there is more of a “tooth to the bite,” as the Italians say, when eating fresh pasta.”

When working with this type of pasta machine, there are also brass dies available that you attach to the machine and use them to make any cut of pasta you desire. As time goes on, the plan for Avvio will be to work with other dies so we can produce all kinds of different fresh pasta cuts for our menu. Beyond the cut, we can change up the ingredients and start experimenting with different flavors like the kale-infused pasta that Chef Greg created recently.

The future of fresh pasta at Avvio is going to be exciting!