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Bar ‘Cino Brookline is looking for motivated Prep Cooks to join our team.

We offer consistent hours, flexible scheduling and competitive hourly rates based on experience.

At Bar ‘Cino Brookline you will have the opportunity to work in a professionally run kitchen with a skilled culinary team, and learn and master a wide range of cooking techniques. Ideal candidates will be passionate about food, must have a strong sense of urgency, great organizational skills, and a positive attitude. Experience as a prep cook in a full-service restaurant with high-volume batch cooking is preferred. Ideal candidates will have day time availability.

Bar ‘Cino is part of Newport Restaurant Group and we are proud to be 100% Employee Owned. What does it mean to work for a 100% Employee Owned Company? If you decide to join our team, you’ll not just be an employee — you’ll be eligible to become an owner in the company. Really, there’s no catch, we invest in our employees, and they in turn invest their time, energy and talents in our businesses.

If you are passionate about food, hospitality and want to be part of an employee owned company, consider joining the Bar ‘Cino team and watch your hard work be rewarded.

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