When will I know if I was selected in the Lottery?

As of 11/10, we are still alerting our winners. There’s still hope you’ll be selected – good luck!

What is changing for the Cyber Monday sale this year?

The process for buying the Cyber Monday Gift Card package has changed.

  • For anyone interested in earning an overnight stay at Castle Hill Inn as part of their $1,500 purchase, we are introducing a lottery system that will make the process of buying our Cyber Monday package easier and more of our Fare Rewards members can have the opportunity to earn the coveted overnight stay at Castle Hill Inn.
  • For anyone interested in earning the $175 Craft Your Dining Experience certificate as part of a $1,000 purchase, simply place your order between 12:01 am and midnight on Cyber Monday (Nov. 28).
Why are you making this change?

After sifting through feedback about the Cyber Monday/Castle Hill Inn stay process, we realized we had to make a change. We hope that you will agree that this new lottery system will:

  1. Eliminate the chaos of having to make your purchase right at midnight on Cyber Monday.
  2. Give every loyal Fare Rewards member a fair chance at obtaining our limited-number of overnight stays at Castle Hill.
  3. Make it easier for all. We hope you see that this change makes a difference (especially when you are sleeping soundly at midnight on Cyber Monday).
How will this new lottery system work?
  • Between October 20th and October 31st, you will receive emails from Newport Restaurant Group announcing our special lottery.
  • The email will contain a link for you to sign up to be included in the lottery.
  • Simply click on the link in the email and complete the opt-in form. That will let us know that you are interested in purchasing the Castle Hill Inn Stay gift card promotion!
  • You must enter the lottery by midnight on October 31st

Please note that if selected, you will need to purchase at least $1,500 in gift cards to earn the free overnight stay at Castle Hill Inn. You will have until November 18th to make your purchase.

How will you announce the Lottery Winners?
  • The week of November 7th we will annouce the lottery winners.
  • Winners will be notified by email and will be given a special link to purchase the $1,500 in gift cards and to receive the free Castle Hill Inn stay certificate.
  • If you are selected, the email you receive will contain a Promo Code that is unique to you and valid for one use only.
  • Winners will be able to purchase through midnight on November 18th. If there are any winners that decide not to purchase, we will randomly select additional members, until all the available stays are gone.

If you did not get selected, you can still join our regular online Cyber Monday sale on Monday, November 28th. While there will be no Castle Hill stays to give away, you can take advantage of our once-a-year promotion which includes:

  • $100 in free gift cards for every $500 spent
  • Fare Rewards points earned for your Cyber Monday purchase (that means an additional $75 in rewards value)
  • A Craft Your Experience gift certificate valued at $175 with every $1,000 purchase.
If I am not interested in the Overnight Stay at Castle Hill Inn, do I have to enter the lottery?

No, the lottery is only for anyone who wants the chance to purchase $1,500 and receive an overnight stay at Castle Hill Inn. If you’re not interested in that and prefer to earn a Craft Your Experience dining certificate with your $1,000 purchase, simply order on Cyber Monday (November 28th) between 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM. We will not run out of the Cyber Monday Craft Your Experience dining certificates, so you can order at any time on Cyber Monday.

What do I get if I purchase the Cyber Monday/Castle Hill deal?

If you are selected from the lottery, you will need to purchase $1,500 or more in gift cards ONLINE using the special code and link we provide. Then, you will receive the following:

  • A complimentary overnight stay at world-renowned Relais & Châteaux Castle Hill Inn (terms and conditions apply)
  • Earn a free $100 gift card with every $500 purchase, so if you spend $1,500, you earn $300 in complimentary gift cards
  • As an exception for this sale only, Fare Rewards points can be earned on your purchase (which means you would earn 1,500 points on your Fare Rewards card for the $1,500 purchase – that would convert to $105 in rewards!)
  • For every $1,000 purchased over the $1,500, you will earn a $175 Craft Your Dining Experience certificate.
Can I enter the lottery twice to earn two stays at Castle Hill Inn?

No, as it has always been, you can only earn one Overnight Stay voucher. The promo code that you will use for your purchase is valid for one time use only.

Can I buy more than one and receive multiple Castle Hill Inn Overnight Stays?

No. Only one stay per Fare Rewards member is allowed. However, for each additional $1,000 purchase you will receive a $175 Craft Your Experience Dining Certificate good for any Newport Restaurant Group location.

Can I purchase the Cyber Monday promotion in the restaurant or on the phone?

No. Orders must be placed online using the links sent to you by the Newport Restaurant Group.

Are you still having a Cyber Monday sale on November 28th?

Yes, we are! For anyone not selected in the lottery, our Cyber Monday promotion will take place on Monday, November 28, 2022, between 12:01 AM – 11:59 PM.

What do I get if I purchase the Cyber Monday deal on November 28th?

For ONE DAY ONLY we are offering our most exclusive gift card offer of the year:

Purchase $1,000 or more in gift cards ONLINE and receive the following:
• A complimentary $175 Craft Your Experience Dining Certificate good for any Newport Restaurant Group location *terms and conditions apply
• $200 in complimentary gift cards
• And as an exception on this day only, Fare Rewards points can be earned on your purchase (which means you would earn 1,000 points on your Fare Rewards card for the $1,000 purchase)

Will Castle Hill stays be part of this Cyber Monday promotion on November 28th?

No, Castle Hill Inn Overnight Stay Certificates will have already been sold out prior to Cyber Monday as part of our new lottery process. Only Craft Your Dining Experiences will be available on Cyber Monday.

Where can I access the Cyber Monday special offer on November 28th?

The sale can be accessed on the Newport Restaurant Group website, beginning at 12:01 AM on Monday, November 28th.  A link to the sale is also sent to all Fare Rewards members who have opted into email communications on the morning of November 28th, 2022.

Is there a charge for shipping?

Yes, there is a $5 charge for shipping and handling on all orders.

How are the packages mailed?

Orders will be processed and shipped within 7 business days and are mailed through USPS Priority Mail.

When will I see my Fare Rewards points loaded to my account?

Fare Rewards points will be loaded to your account within 5 business days after your purchase. For every dollar spent, you will earn one Fare Rewards point. Remember, for every 200 points you collect, you earn a $15 reward on your Fare rewards account. A $1,500 purchase will earn you 1500 points (or $105 in rewards and 100 points)

If I want to purchase more than the minimum ($1,000 or $1,500) do I need to place separate orders in order to get additional Craft Your Experience Dining Certificates and Fare Rewards points?

No. Your order should be placed all at once and we will be sure to include all additional bonuses along with your package. (We don’t want you to incur any additional $5 shipping charges if you don’t have to!)

Will the complimentary cards and Overnight Stay Certificate (and/or Craft Your Experience Dining Certificate) be included in my package?

Yes! The complimentary gift cards and certificate(s) will be automatically included and shipped with your order. Be sure to open your certificates right away as they have expiration dates!

Are there expiration dates on the Castle Hill Inn Overnight Stay and Craft Your Experience Dining Certificates?

Yes! (Please see below). Be sure to use your certificates in the allotted time frames as we cannot offer extensions for the use of these certificates.

When can I use my Castle Hill Inn Overnight Stay Certificate?

Stays may be booked beginning November 1, 2022; Castle Hill Inn will need your certificate number to book your reservation. Certificates are valid for Sunday through Thursday nights between February 1 – April 27, 2023 and between October 29 – November 30, 2023. Excludes select dates, holidays and is based on availability. Reserve standard room types online through Castle Hill Inn’s website, using promotion code CYBER, or by phone at 401.849.3800. Call Castle Hill Inn room reservations for availability and pricing for premium room types.

When can I use my Craft Your Experience Dining Certificate?

Your certificate is valid for in person dining, take-out, or contactless curbside pickup at any Newport Restaurant Group restaurant Sunday- Thursday until May 25, 2023. Certificates cannot be redeemed at Foodlove Market. Excludes holidays and is based on availability. Reservations are required for in person dining. Please mention your cyber certificate when booking a reservation or placing your take-out order. Certificates must be presented upon arrival. Your certificate is good for one-time use up to $175 on food only.  For a full list of terms and conditions, please click here.

I do not know my Fare Rewards card number, do I need it?

If you do not have your Fare Rewards number, you can enter the phone number associated with your account instead.

Will I be able to choose the denominations of the gift cards I order?

Yes. You will be able to select quantities of $50, $100, $200, $500, $1,000, $1,500 denominations. So, if you’d like to receive all $100 denominations be sure to enter a quantity of either 10 or 15 in the $100 denomination field. Please take your time and review your purchase so you select the denominations you want before finalizing your order.

What happens if I order the wrong denominations?

All requests for new cards will be subject to a $18.00 shipping fee. Please take your time when choosing denominations and confirm your choice prior to submitting payment information.

All requests should be requested at this link: DENOMINATION CHANGES . Your order will be reprocessed and shipped within 7 business days.

Can I use the gift cards I purchase for a wedding or special event at one of your restaurants?

No. Gift cards purchased through a promotion cannot be used to pay for any private dining event at our restaurants, The Bohlin or Castle Hill Inn. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Sales Team representative.